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Workshop series with experienced entrepreneurs to go from technology to a business idea

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Researchers assessing the business potential of their technology

People looking for a team for their nanotech project

Find a business opportunity and a team for your technology
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Tech. Applications

NOV. 05 - 2016

INL (Braga)

Identify and select a business opportunity for a technology

with Maria Costeira (Med Tech Entrepreneur and Investor)

11h00 - Welcome

11h15  - Guest Speaker

12h00 - Lunch Break and Projects Pitch

13h30 - Workshop: How to Find a Need (Explore and Define)

15h00 - Fruit Break

15h30 - Workshop: How to screen Needs (Existing Solutions, Stakeholders Analysis, Market Analysis, Technology Opportunity and Screening)

16h45 - Lessons Learned Pitch

17h30 - Workshop Wrap Up

Business Models

NOV. 19 - 2016

INL (Braga)

Structure your Business Model

with Tord Lendau (Business Entrepreneur and jury of SwedNanotech)

11h00 - Welcome

11h15  - Guest Speaker

12h00 - Lunch Break and Projects Pitch

13h30 - Workshop: Business Model Canvas and Validation Board

15h00 - Fruit Break

15h30 - Workshop: Business Model Canvas and Validation Board (with Mentors)

16h45 - Lessons Learned Pitch

17h30 - Workshop Wrap Up

Kickstart Idea

NOV. 25,26 - 2016

INL (Braga)

From Idea to a Startup

with Vidar Andersen (Business Trainee and Entrepreneur)

Day 1 - Goal: Join a Team and define your Value Proposition

9h30 - Registration
10h00 - Team Building
11h30 - Ideas and skills Pitch
12h30 - Lunch and Team Creation
13h30 - Workshop: Building a Value Proposition to the Client
14h45 - Working Session: Defining the Value Proposition
17h00 - Working Session with Mentors

Day 2 - Goal: Design your Business Model and plan the validation

9h30 - Welcome Coffee
10h00 - Workshop: Business Model Canvas
10h45 - Working Session: Business Model
12h30 - Lunch
13h30 - Workshop: Preparing validation
14h15 - Working Session: Validation and MVP
16h45 - Pitch
18h30 - Closing Session

2017 Workshops series

Past Workshops

Nanotech Opportunities

OCT. 19 - 2016

INL (Braga)

Kick Off Event

Discover Opportunities in Nanotechnology

08h45 – Check in

09h00 –Introduction to the partnership "Alliance Nano for Entrepreneurship" - Lars Montelius, INL

09h05 – Introduction of the Startup Nano fostering an entrepreneurial spirit - Carlos Oliveira, Startup Braga

09h15 – Roundtable: Nanotechnology Opportunities

- Lars Montelius, INL
- António Braz Costa , CeNTI
- António Cunha, Univ. Minho
- Carlos Oliveira, Startup Braga
(Moderator: Carlos Neves)

10h00 -Startup Nano Program Presentation

10h30 - Networking Break

11h00 - Panel: Building an innovation ecosystem for Nanotechnology

- Nanotechnology Startup Stories - Vitor Abrantes, Graphenest
- Nanotechnology Startup Stories - Sofia Aires Martins, Magnomics
- An investor perspective on an innovation ecosystem - Adam de Sola Pool
(Moderator: Miguel Amador)

12h20 - Session End

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